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Childbirth Education Classes

"Fear of unknown" is a substantial reason for anxiety during pregnancy, opting a childbirth education class is a great way to overcome them.

Lactation And Infant Feeding

'Breastfeeding' plays a crucial role in the health, growth and development of babies and has benefits for the mother too. Women may need some help to successfully feed their babies. They need support and reassurance as they learn this skill.​​

Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, which creates stress on you mentally and physically. 'Prenatal Yoga' is a way to maintain a healthy mind and body.​

Birth Doula

Birth of a baby is a beautiful event and having a support by your side enhances your birth experience. We @p2b provide evidence based information and make sure that you have a positive birth experience.

Postnatal Support

After the birth of your baby we stay with you until your first breastfeed and give one home visit to assure that you are comfortable and in case you need any further help.

Staying Healthy

Your pregnant body brings new nutritional needs, safety concerns, and more. Become familiar with all the ways you can stay well during this time so you can feel your best and nurture your growing baby.

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