Prenatal Yoga

The practice of yoga promotes optimum health of the body and mind, unifying a mother’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth with that of her child.

During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes which create stress both physically and mentally. There is a huge strain on the back while carrying your growing bellies, this causes backaches that persists post-delivery while carrying your babies. Yoga helps in stretching back, giving room to adapt changes gradually, and making it easy. Yoga plays a huge role in the entire blood circulatory system as it helps in increasing circulation and keep blood pressure regulated, eases swelling, aches, and pains and helps you to perform your daily chores. The mind and body connection is quite helpful for the moms to be to stay calm during labor for an easier birth.

​It's a time to get to know your body and to build confidence in your ability to give birth. It's a fact that women possess the innate skills to give birth in a natural and healthy way .In yoga class a woman can learn to tune in and respond to her body's needs, so that during her labor, when rational thought may be suspended, she'll be able to identify and ask for what she wants.

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