I am a mom of two lovely boys, during the birth of my children I had a mixed bag of experiences, from feeling being empowered to postpartum depression. I started taking interest on each and every change that was happening within my body. I came across so many myths and realities and the reason behind do’s and don’t. My own journey of childbirth and parenting led me to search for the answers and gradually I started helping other women in my family and my friends in their pregnancy.

We all want to eat natural and organic food and drink water available in the nature or do Yoga but due to lack of information we are frightened to live naturally. There are so many physiological changes happening in the body right from first day of conception. The organs inside gives space to growing baby inside and many more changes happens during pregnancy.

Childbirth is a beautiful and overwhelming experience for a woman and during pregnancy a woman goes through so many emotional and hormonal changes, and the way she feels also has a huge impact on her body and her newborn baby.

The impact of having support which comes in the form of correct information, empowers her resulting in her developing confidence and hence able to cope up with upcoming challenges of life.

Our Values

Our Goal

We welcome and respect all individuals and families on this journey from every corner of the world. Our goal is simple: We want all parents to feel confident, supported and powerful as they ask questions, make decisions, and navigate their path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

The mission of pregnancy2birth is to advance safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting through evidence-based education and advocacy.

Safe and Healthy Birth

  • Let labor begin on its own.
  • Walk, move around and change position throughout labor.
  • Bring a loved one, friend for continuous support.
  • Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary.
  • Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body's urges to push.
  • Keep mother and baby together; it’s best for mother, baby and breastfeeding.
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