Lactation And Infant Feeding

“Breastfeeding is natural” and not just about feeding baby with your milk, its also a time of boding with your baby. Pregnancy is the best time to learn about breastfeeding. At first, nursing a baby does not come easily to most parents. It can take 2 to 4 weeks to reach the point where all the nursing parent needs to do is put the baby near the breast to get them to latch on and suck. In the meantime, possible early challenges such as temporary nipple soreness, lack of sleep, and concern about the milk supply may have to be overcome. Both you and your partner need information and guidelines on what is normal and how to solve these problems.

​Often moms give up breastfeeding thinking that they do not produce enough milk, we at pregnancy2birth discuss basics of how milk is produced, how a baby suckles, latching, common challenges and how to know if the baby is getting enough milk so that the mother is confident about breastfeeding and ready for the best possible start of her new journey.

The classes are designed in a way that moms to be can discuss their fears, ask questions, and get answers for all their doubts.

Duration of class

The duration of the session is for 2 to 2.5hrs

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