Childbirth Education Classes

"Fear of unknown" is a substantial reason for anxiety during pregnancy, opting a childbirth education class is a great way to overcome them.​​

There is a wealth of information to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy, but the act of childbirth itself can seem a bit mysterious to many first time moms to be, even if you have read up on all the details about the pregnancy. That’s where a childbirth education class comes in. taking one gives you hands-on practice and knowledge about the entire birth process. In turn, knowing what to expect from that first contraction to that final push will go a long way towards reducing your anxiety and preparing you for the incredible journey you are about to go through.

Duration of class

The duration can be 2 to 3 hrs depending on the number of classes.

What you will learn in a childbirth class.

  • How to get the birth you want.
  • You will have the ability to make informed birth decisions in partnership with your care provider.
  • Nutrition and prenatal yoga
  • Dad’s role
  • Stages of labor
  • Comforters for labor
  • Techniques to relax, breathe, and distract yourself or do all three simultaneously to get relief.
  • Various labor positions that can help you to speed up your labor and relieve pain.
  • Benefits and risks of interventions such as induction, epidural, cesarean, and episiotomy.
  • Possible complications
  • An understanding of how complications and interventions influence the normal course of pregnancy, birth breastfeeding, and early parenting
  • Needs of newborns and breastfeeding.
  • Basics to care for your newborn baby
  • Post-birth self-care and exercises

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